Welcome to the official home of MoxyPHP! This software is still early in development, but here are a few of it's core features:

Feel free to visit the downloads page to download the latest version of our software.

Why Use MoxyPHP?

Why MoxyPHP? I'm a firm believer in the DIY approach as I believe having a solid understanding of how things work at the most fundamental levels are critical to sound engineering practices. Hence, the MoxyPHP Framework was born out of the desire to learn, grow, and contribute as a developer. What would the world be like if we didn't have choice?

MoxyPHP is fast, easy to use, modular, and capable of so many things. Just need a templating engine and MVC pattern? Check. What about an admin panel? Check. Automated class and form generation? Check. Applications? Check!

MoxyPHP was designed to help you get things done faster. You don't have to re-invent the wheel or spend weeks or months trying to learn a bloated system. Instead you can mix and match just the right components to start developing things the way you want!

Whether you just need just the framework or the apps (blog, forum, or CMS) - MoxyPHP provides it all. Customize your installation the way you want and minimize on unnecessary bloat. MoxyPHP enables seamless integration between all components of your website(s).


- Please visit our newly created blog for updates, code snippets, and more. We will be releasing the source code for the blog once it is further along in development. Stay tuned!

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